St Catherine's Mission Statement

We are a community of Catholic Christians who choose to celebrate our faith with one another. Our parish is totally committed to doing all we can to make God’s Kingdom present in the world today. To this end we aspire to support and encourage, at a social and spiritual level, everyone who comes through the door of our Church whether or not they feel free to celebrate fully with us. We hope everyone feels at home here.

We have a special commitment to those at home and throughout the world who are lacking in the necessities for a life with dignity and respect. At home we are particularly welcoming to those who feel marginalised and unsupported in any way and who feel the need for company and fellowship on life’s journey towards establishing the Kingdom. Further afield we have a particular interest in the children of Siret Orphanage and the faith communities of Darmanesti and Oituz, all of which are in Romania.

© St Catherine’s, St John Vianney’s and St Gregory’s are parishes of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh, charity registered in Scotland - SC008540