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We have all known for a long time that the current provision of parishes is unsustainable. Nevertheless when it is raised as a reality now rather than something in the future it comes as a shock. Archbishop Cushley has written to the Deans about future provision for parishes in the Archdiocese. Clergy were emailed a copy of this letter on Wednesday 14th January.
We have decided to copy and distribute this so that everyone is aware of what is happening. A copy of the letter together with the Parish Clusters is to be found below. It is a lengthy and detailed letter and requires much thought and reflection. In it the Archbishop states the importance of the letter in this way:

We are still at an early stage, but it is evident that this exercise is the most important discernment in the pastoral life of our local church for a generation. It will affect us all and so it must be carried out with honesty and charity, but also with courage and magnanimity. It is therefore only right that the people know what is being done in this regard. In due course, everyone in every deanery and parish will have an opportunity to put his or her views to me in an appropriate fashion. In this regard, I also intend to publish this letter on our social media sites.

Our Cluster Parishes will be making a response to the Archbishop in due course as he has requested. There will be ample opportunity over the coming weeks for everyone to have their say.
The Cluster Team and the PPCs will keep everyone informed of developments and future meetings.
In the course of this consultation inevitably there will be documents to read, to reflect on and to reply to. Every parishioner is encouraged to become involved. Please engage actively in the process of consultation. Let's use our energy positively, avoid idle speculation and pray that the Holy Spirit will guide all of our thoughts and discussions.

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